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When consuming marijuana edibles, patience pays

By Anonymous
By Lauren GlendenningBrought to you by Tumbleweed Dispensary Smoking marijuana produces instintaneous effects, allowing users to determine whether they’ve reached their desired high or if they’d like to continue smoking. Edible cannabis products, however, can take as long as an hour or more before the user feels its... Read More

Cannabis Consciousness

By Anonymous
The joys of marijuana’s enlightening, meditative and spiritual effects By Lauren Glendenning Brought to you by Tumbleweed Dispensary   From cloud-gazing to meditation to sparking creative energy, people enjoy marijuana’s countless benefits for the mind, body and spirit. In the Vail Valley and the rest of Colorado... Read More

Rubs on, Relieves Pain

By Anonymous
By Lauren Glendenning Brought to you by Tumbleweed Dispensary Gone are the days of Icy Hot being the only pain-relieving topical on the market. In Summit County, cannabis topicals are popular items at Tumbleweed Dispensary, thanks to their healing, non-psychoactive effects. Cannabis topicals include a wide variety... Read More

CBD gains traction as a valid medicine

By Anonymous
Cannabidiol has risen to instant stardom in Colorado’s legal marijuana industry thanks to relief users experience from pain, inflammation, nausea and even seizures. Cannabidiol, more commonly referred to as CBD, is a non-psychoactive component of the cannabis plant, meaning that unlike tetrahydrocannabinol, or THC,... Read More

Explore Summit County's Burgeoning Craft Beer Scene

By Caitlin Row Stoner
Summit County is a Colorado destination known for its natural beauty and ski resorts. Craft beer is another delicious reason to visit this gorgeous mountain community. Here are Everything Summit's top picks for local breweries that deserve a visit.  Silverthorne The Bakers' Brewery in Silverthorne is slightly off... Read More