Alpine Sports, Giro Contact Ski Goggles

Giro Contact Ski Goggles

Inquire about pricing and colors.
Alpine Sports, Hala Paddle Boards

Hala Paddle Boards

Variety of styles available for purchase.
Alpine Sports, Hotronic Heat Socks

Hotronic Heat Socks

Hotronic socks keep your toes warm during cold-weather activities. They feature three temperature settings, plus a fourth for an extra wave of heat when it's needed.
Alpine Sports, Life Jackets

Life Jackets

End-of-season pricing. Inquire at the shop.
Alpine Sports, Smith Ski Helmets

Smith Ski Helmets

Smith Ski Helmets are available for the winter season.
Alpine Sports, Winter Hats

Winter Hats

Inquire at the shop for styles and pricing.