Fall Fest Art Festival is Labor Day Weekend in Dillon, Colorado. Admission is free to this three-day art festival happening August 31 through September 2. This event will showcase 50 fine artists from Colorado and the nation. The show is juried.

World Alzheimer's Month 2018 is in September. In Colorado, over 71,000 families are faced with Alzheimer’s disease. At Fall Fest, presented by The Lake Dillon Arts Festival, we are participating in bringing awareness and raising money to fight this awful disease with a very special collection of art called "The Alzheimer’s Art Garden." The tent will be filled with donations from artists at the show plus art from other national artists who have previously done shows with CCM Events (our list is extensive). Each piece donated will have a paragraph or two written by the donating artist about how Alzheimer’s has affected them or their family or friends.

All the art in The Alzheimer's Art Garden will be available for purchase via a silent auction. Auction forms and a place to put in your bid will be in the tent at the show. Auction winners will announced Sunday at 2 p.m. You must be present at 2 p.m. to win the auction of your favorite piece, pay for the work, and take it home with you. Help us make a difference!

Sculptor Randall May is also working on a new, double-image sculpture that he will unveil at Fall Fest. Don’t miss this chance to see a piece of music history encased forever in Randall’s unique double image style: The Beatles’ Abby Road and Magical Mystery Tour.

Here is how the work came about in Randall’s own words.

“As I often do, I was working on a painting at the Dillon  Fine Art Festival in 2016. All the while, I was  chatting with the public, answering their questions, and enjoying Skanson & Hansen in the next booth playing their beautiful covers of Beatles classics. Skanson & Hansen had just been to Abby Road Studios in London, the same studio where the Beatles recorded their music, and recorded their instrumental Beatle guitar arrangements. The smooth acoustic guitar duets’ aural aroma drifted past my tent.  I have always been a big Beatles fanJ so the music filling my head with melodies and memories. Just then, a patron came into my booth admiring my double image sculptures,   As we stood there talking art, my client said  “You should do a double image sculpture of the Beatles.”  Immediately, the idea of the Beatles crossing Abby Road on one side and the The Beatles’ Magical Mystery Tour animals like the walrus on the opposite side popped into my head. The idea was born!”

Stroll the art & enjoy the sounds of acoustic guitar mastery courtesy of Skanson & Hansen, Colorado’s premier finger-style duo. The duo will perform their unique brand of musical magic throughout the 3-day event. Skanson & Hansen’s repertoire of intricate and enchanting guitar duets spans classical works, pop tunes and dazzling original compositions. Their rallying cry is, “Two Guitars Can Change The World!”