Summit County, CO, Cannabis

For many visitors, legal, recreational Summit County, CO, marijuana will be a new concept, and there are multiple rules about buying and consuming it. Using just a photo identification (a driver’s license or passport), adults age 21 and older can purchase recreational marijuana at retail stores known as Colorado marijuana dispensaries. Marijuana consumption is limited to private property and by permission only. It cannot be consumed in public or at ski resorts (located mainly on federal land).* Breckenridge marijuana retailers can be found only along Airport Road, while Dillon and Silverthorne marijuana outlets are located primarily along Highway 6. Two stores sell Frisco marijuana on Main Street. Meanwhile, there is no place to buy recreational or medicinal marijuana in Keystone, Copper Mountain or Arapahoe Basin. Colorado's marijuana dispensaries accept cash only for purchases.

Type of Summit County, CO, Marijuana

Summit County, CO, marijuana comes in many forms: flower (the leafy plant portion that most people associate with the term pot); edibles (infused foods, beverages, oils and pills); hash, wax and shatter (various concentrates) and salves and patches, mainly applied to relieve discomfort. The customer service professionals at local dispensaries, referred to as Budtenders, are extremely knowledgeable and well-prepared to answer any questions you may have regarding Summit County marijuana.

Medicinal Marijuana in Summit County, CO

Colorado and Summit County medical marijuana is available to in-state residents only. If you are a certified patient in another state, your permission to buy it or use it does not extend to Summit County medical marijuana. Medical Marijuana Registry Identification (known as Red Cards) can only be obtained by in-state residents after a physician evaluation and for specific health conditions (cancer, glaucoma, seizures, chronic pain and others).

*NOTE: The information outlined in this website guide is not intended as a complete review of Colorado or municipal regulations concerning the purchase or consumption of marijuana. Further research is recommended.

Alpenglow Botanicals

Summit County Cannabis
1805 Airport Road, Breckenridge
(970) 389-6839
765 W. Anemone Trail, Unit C, Dillon
(970) 468-0343

The Breckenridge location of Alpenglow Botanicals is the company’s flagship store, where all their small-batch cannabis is grown. Choose from more than 30 strains, some of which are trimmed fresh daily. Quality is key. Alpenglow Botanicals is one of the few places you can buy in the same building where the plants are grown. There is also a store in Dillon, offering rotating strains for... read more

The Breckenridge location of Alpenglow Botanicals is the company’s flagship store, where all their small-batch... read more