The Mint Steakhouse

347 Blue River Parkway, Silverthorne
(970) 468-5247

The historic Mint Steakhouse, built in 1862, is the oldest building in the High Country. Having been relocated three times, it now resides in Silverthorne as a relic of the mining era. This is a grill-it-yourself restaurant, with choice cuts of meat and seafood that you can't get in a grocery store. They start with three-year-old, grain-fed steers certified USDA choice and then age those loins for several weeks, ensuring tenderness and flavor. Since the customers partake in grilling their own meats over the communal, 1,100-degree, lava rock grill, the prices are very reasonable. Mint stands by this tenet and agrees to meet or beat any price out there. With the purchase of an entrée you can eat at their extremely well-stocked salad bar for free. It is quite the experience to grill alongside fellow patrons in the grill room, and we recommend that you baste with the special homemade teriyaki sauce. There is a list of delicious sides served a la carte and a unique dessert menu. The Mint Ice Cream Baked Potato is a generous portion of (you guessed it) mint ice cream dusted with cocoa powder made to look like an actual "baker." The building has been restored to as close to original as possible. Take a tour of the building and consider that the floorboards and the bar are the same as more than 100 years ago.