Mountain Lyon Cafe

381 Blue River Parkway, Silverthorne
(970) 262-6229

The Mountain Lyon Café is the kind of place that has a "favorite of yours" on the menu that you "always get" like the over the top smothered breakfast burrito or the hearty chicken fried steak that comes enveloped in a cloud of white gravy. It is the type of breakfast diner that has the brown mugs for your coffee and the marmalade/grape jelly packet holder on the table next to the sugar. It's the kind of place that has regulars saddled up to the breakfast barstools who, quite possibly, eat there everyday. The kind of place that has a number of different hot sauces to try out, a register where you pay that next to you'd find a commemorative shirt you'd buy and actually wear (since you love the place that much). The staff is always friendly, and by serving generous portions and a variety of breakfast and lunch options it has the hometown allegiance and, therefore, the feel that you simply can't fake.